Ma Cabane En Gaspésie Takes Over The Auberge De La Pente Abrupte In Sainte-Paule

Ma Cabane en Gaspésie has purchased the Auberge de la Pente Abrupte lodge and sugar bush located in Sainte-Paule in the Matapedia Valley. Gino Ouellet, the owner, is planning on using this new purchase to show off everything the Gaspésie has to offer.

“The Auberge is a prime location for us and an opportunity to diversify that we just couldn’t pass up. We are planning on making it a tourist attraction for the region, for tourists, yes, but also for locals, snowmobilers and ATVers. We’re planning to open in 2019, but there’s a lot of work to be done yet!” explained Gino Ouellet, President of Ma Cabane en Gaspésie.


By taking over the Matapedia-based sugar bush and lodge, Ma Cabane en Gaspésie adds a syrup evaporator site and a further 600 acres of private land (6 lots) to its list of assets. There are currently 19,000 tap holes in the newly acquired acres and another 17,000 can be added, for a total of 36,000 taps.

Furthermore, the lodge also houses a reception hall with 150-person capacity, a meeting room with 60-person capacity, 13 en-suite bedrooms, and a restaurant.